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Joint UGC-CSIR NET: : for JRF and eligiblity for lecturership: confirming to new trends/ pattern and covering latest syllabus, also for SLET   Publication: New Delhi Sathyaprakashan 2000 . 417p. Date: 2000 Availability: No items available:
Languages and compilers for parallel computing: : 6th International Workshop, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. by Banerjee, Utpal [ed.] Publication: Berlin Springer - Verlag 1994 . xi, 655p. Date: 1994 Availability: Items available: [004.42 BAN] (1),
Computer Organization and Assembly language programming for the PDP - IT and VAX IT by Lin, Wen C. Publication: Cambridge Harper and Row 1985 . xi, 371p. , Ref. at the end of each chapter Date: 1985 Availability: Items available: [004.2/.318 LIN] (1),
Programming the 6809 by Zaks, Rodnay Publication: Berkeley Sybex 1982 . xii, 362p. , Bibliog p. 355 Date: 1982 Availability: Items available: [004.432 ZAK] (1),
Associationa for computing machinery conference record of the sixteenth annual ACM symposium on principles of programming languages   Publication: New York Association for computing machinery 1989 , "Papers presented at the symposium held at Austin, Texas, Jan 11-18, 1989" Date: 1989 Availability: Items available: [004.43 ASS ] (1),
COBOL - Computer language   Publication: Pune Link Pub. . 92p. Availability: Items available: [004.434COBOL COB] (1),
COBOL: : an introduction to structured logic and modular program design by Davis, William S. Publication: Reading Addison-Wesley 1973 . xix, 552p. Date: 1973 Availability: Items available: [004.432.2COBDAV] (1),
A simplified guide to structured cobol programming by McCracken, Daniel D. Publication: . 389p. illus. Availability: Items available: [004.432.2COB MCC] (1), [004.432.2COB MCC;1] (1), [004.432.2COB MCC;2] (1),
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of programming with structured COBOL by Newcomer, Lawrence R. Publication: New York Mc Graw-Hill 1986 . 375p. illus. Date: 1986 Availability: Items available: [004.432.2COB NEW ] (1),
TRS-80 and other mysteries by Pennington, H.C. Publication: California IJG 1981 . Various paginations Date: 1981 Availability: Items available: [004.083.72 PEN] (1),
COBOL for beginners by Worth, Thomas Publication: New Delhi Prentice-Hall of India 1981 . 369p. Date: 1981 Availability: Items available: [004.432.2COB WOR] (1),
Expert database system: : a gentle introduction by Beynon-Davies, Paul Publication: London McGraw - Hill 1991 . xiii,186p. Date: 1991 Availability: Items available: [004.65:004.891 BEY] (1),
Data Processing: : an instructional manual for business and a accountancy students by Oliver, E.C. Publication: Winchester 1979 . viii,304p. Date: 1979 Availability: Items available: [004.62 OLI] (1),
Reading in Information Visualization using Vision to Think by Card, Stuart K. Publication: San Francisco Morgan Kaufmann publishers 1999 . xvii,686p. Date: 1999 Availability: Items available: [004.92 CAR ] (1),
Neural systems for control by Omidvar, Omid [ed.] Publication: San Diego Academic Press 1997 . xiii,358p. Date: 1997 Availability: Items available: [004.89:004.7 OMI] (1),
Artificial Neural Networks by Yegnanarayana, B. Publication: New Delhi Prentice- Hall of India 1999 . xiii,461p. Date: 1999 Availability: Items available: [004.89:004.7 YEG;1] (1), [004.89:004.7 YEG;2] (1),
C++ programming today by Johnson, Barbara Publication: New Delhi Prentice-Hall of India 2002 . xxiv, 709p. , Includes CD Rom Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: [004.438C++ JOH] (1),
Red hat, Linux and Fedora unleashed by Ball, Bill Publication: Delhi Pearsons Education 2004 . xxviii, 1047p. Date: 2004 Availability: Items available: [004.451.9 LINUX BAL/F] (1),
Oracle9i PL/SQL: : a developer's guide by Lakshman, Bulusu Publication: Berkeley Apress 2003 . xxiii, 665p. Date: 2003 Availability: Items available: [004.652.4 ORA LAK] (1),
The AutoCAD book: : drawing modeling and applications using AutoCAD 2005 by Kirkpatrick, James M. Publication: New Jersey Pearson Prentice Hall 2005 . xi, 772p. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: [004.896 KIR] (1),
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