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Miracle of positive thinking wake up ! you're alive by Peale, Norman Vincent Publication: Mumbai Jaico Publishing House 2016 . xii, 186p. Holdings: University Library (159.923 PEA) .
Algorithmic studies in mass storage systems by Wong,C.K. Publication: New York Springer-Verlag 1983 . 411p. Holdings: University Library (621.382 WON) .
Communication technology update by Grant, August E. [ed.] Publication: Oxford Focal Press, Elsevier 2006 . viii, 374p. Holdings: University Library (621.39 GRA) .
Cryptocurrencies and blockchains by DuPont, Quinn Publication: U.S.A Polity Press 2019 . viii, 240p. Holdings: University Library (339.16:681.324 DUP/C) .
Mesoscopic electronics in solid state nanostructures by Heinzel, Thomas Publication: Weinheim Wiley-VCH 2003 . 337p. Holdings:
Organisation of tomorrow how AI, block chain and analytics turn your business into a data organisation by Rijmenam,Mark Van Publication: London Routledge 2020 . 192p. Holdings: University Library (004.658 RIJ/O) .
Power electronic control in electrical systems by Acha, E. Publication: Oxford, Newness 2006 . xii, 444p. , (Newnes Power engineering series) Holdings: University Library (621.311 ACH) .
Radio-feequency electronics circuits and applications by Hagen, Jon B. Publication: Cambridge Cambridge University 1996 . xiii, 358p. Holdings: University Library (621.039.629 HAG) .
Restorative justice critical concepts in criminology by Hoyle, Carolyn., ed. Publication: Oxon Routlegde 2010 . 2v. , v.1, the rise of restorative justice.- v.2, restorative practices on the international stage.- v.3, the promise of restorative justice.- v.4, stumbling blocks on the road to a restorative jurisprudence. Holdings: University Library , Reference (343.1 HOY.1 R) , University Library , Reference (343.1 HOY.2 R) , University Library , Reference (343.1 HOY.3 R) , University Library , Reference (343.1 HOY.4 R) .
Sentiment analysis mining opinions,sentiments and emotions by Liu, Bing Publication: New York Cambridge University press 2015 . xvi, 367p. Holdings: University Library (81'322.2 LIU) .
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